Arcane Circle




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Do You Have What it Takes?

Magick is a timeless practice, but only a select few have learned how to harness its eternal power. Even fewer have learned to master it. Are you one of the few?

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Here you'll discover a community of magick. You'll be able to perfect your spell-casting abilities, concoct potent potions and test yourself against other wizards. You can even go on a quest to capture, hatch and rear your own pet dragon!

The 5 Happiest Couples
1) Goromond [8393] & Samantha [11721]
2) Payne [6914] & Vader [10508]
3) 🐲 Dragon1976 🐲 [65] & Mystika [390]
4) Mourning Glory [639] & :3:) Jester of 2 Evils ):E: [3281]
5) Strider [654] & Mimz [7182]


Game is best viewed at 1024 by 768 Resolution!

Arcane Circle is a magic themed Free MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that runs directly from your web browser.
The game is 100% VI (visually impaired) compatible and boasts a large online community of war gamers and role players in a socially interactive fun environment.